# Domain Server

The Vircadia Domain server is developed in this repositoryopen in new window and uses the following stack:

  1. Qt & QMLopen in new window - C++ framework with UI components
  2. Tooling
    1. VCPKGopen in new window
    2. CMakeopen in new window

# Features

  • To enable scaling for hundreds or thousands of users in one instance, all major functions (avatars, entities, assets, messaging, etc.) are broken out into subprocesses called Assignment clients.
  • Connects with users over WebRTC and UDP simultaneously.
  • Persistent world state.
  • Rolling backups for world state.
  • Server side scripting in JavaScript.
  • Communication
    • Realtime spatial audio for all clients
    • Server-wide text messaging

# Assignment Client

The Domain server deploys a type of server called an Assignment client to provide different functionalities to a virtual world.

# Command Line Parameters

# Environment Variables

# Setting up your environment

# Compiling

# Packaging