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Command Line Parameters

You can launch the native Interface with the following parameters.

Displays help dialog

-?, -h, --help

Displays version information

-v, --version

Start up at specified URL location


Displays the protocol version


Do not show the auto-updater


Checks to see if the machine meets the minimum specification requirements.


Whether to run the server


Port to listen on. (Needs clarification!)


Where to find server content


Set cache location. Defaults to the operating system local data path.


Set path for defaultScripts.


Allow multiple instances of the interface to run simultaneously.


Preferred displays.


Disable display plugin. Possible devices include "OpenVR (Vive)", "Oculus Rift".


Disable input plugin. Possible devices include "OpenVR (Vive)", "Oculus Rift".


Suppress the prompt to reset interface settings


Let the Oculus plugin know if Interface was run from the Oculus Store


Emulate a standalone device


Disable the watchdog thread. The interface will crash on deadlocks.


(Needs clarification!)


Maximum concurrent resource downloads. Default is 16, except for Android where it is 4.


Override the avatar URL


Replaces the Avatar URL. If both this and --avatarURL is set, this one takes precedence.


Bookmarks are expected to be in a name=url form. An = character in the name or url is unsupported.

--setBookmark <name=url>

Disable level of detail auto config.


Force enable crash reporting for the Interface.