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Environment Variables

You can alter Interface's functionality using the following environment variables.

Use the source files for QML and other resources at runtime instead of the compiled files.


Enable the HMD debugging mode which emulates an HMD view in 2D for desktop testing.


Enable the OpenVR plugin to be used with an Oculus HMD. (Useful for debugging the OpenVR plugin if you have an Oculus HMD but not a SteamVR HMD.)


Override the metaverse URL.


Allow multiple instances of Interface to run simultaneously.


The Interface will have a custom default home and startup location.


Logging to the console can be controlled with the VIRCADIA_LOG_OPTIONS variable. It can be set to any comma separated combination of the following options. Case and whitespace are not significant.

  • color - Force ANSI colors depending on the message's severity.
  • nocolor - Force ANSI colors off.
  • milliseconds - Log timestamps with millisecond precision.
  • process_id - Log the process ID.
  • thread_id - Log the thread ID.

For example:

VIRCADIA_LOG_OPTIONS="color, milliseconds"

This will cause logging with millisecond precision, and color coding messages by severity.


Will result in only millisecond precision being applied to logging.

Color is enabled by default on Unix if output is being directed to a terminal, and disabled by default on Windows.