Vircadia Developer Documentation

Vircadia Developer Documentation

Developer documentation for Vircadia.

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Spatial Audio

All voice audio in Vircadia is spatialized by default. Have a chat or experience concerts as they are meant to be heard!

Hundreds of People Together

Vircadia’s virtual worlds can scale to hold hundreds of people in the same space without instancing.


Your users’ avatars can be changed on the fly and come in any style. You can also make use of avatars provided by our partners.


Vircadia’s worlds are among the largest with 16km³ of build space. All building and scripting of your world happens in real-time. This means that building is quick, efficient, and collaborative.

One Server; All Platforms

Vircadia worlds can be accessed from Windows, Linux, and MacOS. Android, iOS, and Quest 2 support is coming soon.


Unlike most platforms, Vircadia is 100% open source with the full software stack necessary for a premium metaverse experience licensed as Apache 2.0. Because of this, all aspects of the project can be customized for your use case.