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Command Line Parameters for Assignment Client

You can launch an assignment client with these parameters.

Displays help information

-h, --help

Displays version information

-v, --version

Assignment client type

-t <type>
  • 0 = audio-mixer
  • 1 = avatar-mixer
  • 2 = agent
  • 3 = asset-server
  • 4 = message-mixer
  • 5 = entity-script-server
  • 6 = entity-server

Assignment pool

--pool <pool>

Assignment client UDP port

-p <port>

Wallet destination

--wallet <wallet-uuid>

Assignment server hostname

-a <hostname>

Assignment server port

--server-port <port>

Number of children to fork

-n <child-count>

Minimum number of children

--min <child-count>

Maximum number of children

--max <child-count>

Assignment client monitor port

--monitor-port <port>

HTTP status server port

--http-status-port <port>

Directory to store logs

--log-directory <path>

PID of the parent process

--parent-pid <pid>

Disable auto-discovery of a Domain server's port on the local machine