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Release Notes

2022.1.1 (14/05/2022)

What's Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog:

2022.1.0 (26/11/2021)


  • [packet version change][domain-server] Enable WebRTC connections to be made to the Domain, i.e., add Web client support. #1469
  • Create app: Script indicator toggles for both entity client & server scripts. #1444
  • [linux] Require OpenSSL 1.1.0 during CMake. #1436
  • Changed preset framerates; Add "low power" preset. #1422
  • Add antialiasing setting. #1427
  • [web sdk] Update WebRTC for Linux. #1406
  • [domain-server] Overhaul the Domain server's onboarding wizard. #1344
  • [housekeeping] Update use of Q_DISABLE_COPY. #1352
  • [linux] Add support for aarch64 (ARM) Linux builds on GitHub Actions. #1346
  • Improve use of "#include <QtCore/QSharedPointer>" in codebase. #1336

Bug Fixes

  • [macos] Fix crashpad on macOS. #1407
  • Fix for _meshStates.empty() assertion. #1465
  • Fix automatic texture memory bug. #1475
  • [domain-server] Fixed empty POST request to settings.json crashing the Domain server. #1438
  • [domain-server] Fix mime type for serving .htm and .html files with the embedded webserver. #1435
  • [renderer][macos] Fix automatic texture memory on macOS, Android, OpenGL ES, and Intel graphics. #1398
  • Fix GHA on MacOS. #1386
  • [docs][housekeeping] Update API documentation for "created" properties. #1360
  • [audio-mixer] Fix crash due to audio packet loss with PCM and zlib codecs. #1366
  • Get "make-deb-server" working again with Qt changes to Vircadia builder. #1354


  • [docs] Update MacOS build guide. #1414

In Development

  • [domain-server] Fix SSL WebSocket Domain server crash. #1467
  • [web sdk] WebRTC revisions and updates including the addition of secure connections. #1429
  • [housekeeping][web sdk] Networking code tidying and dead code removal. #1415
  • [web sdk] Update webapp branch with the latest master. #1383
  • [packet version change] Enable assignment client protocol communications over WebRTC. #1333