Get Started with Hosting

We are thrilled you've decided to host a custom domain with us on the metaverse! We also understand that setting up a server, configuring it, and creating a domain takes some time and technical knowledge. Hopefully, this section will help you become familiar with the basics of hosting domains in Vircadia, so that you can create the space you want and be a part of building a bigger, more expansive metaverse.

Overview of Hosting

Vircadia's hosting interface consists of the following components that work together to create an immersive VR experience for your visitors:

  • The Sandbox is a testing environment hosted locally on your computer that gives you a space to play around and build content without affecting any domains in the metaverse. Note that it is possible to configure Vircadia so that your Sandbox is also a registered domain that is hosted directly from your local computer. The Sandbox application can be download from the Vircadia website.

  • A domain is a registered location in the metaverse. Each domain is assigned a unique ID to identify it. You can sign up for a new domain in one of two ways: either by setting up a Vircadia server or by logging into your account via the Vircadia website.

  • A server hosts a domain, and processes incoming network requests for the domain. The server for your domain is either a physical computer or a cloud-hosted server.

  • A droplet or cloud domain is a cloud server hosted on DigitalOcean.

  • A content set is the content that you've designed to make your domain unique and pretty.

The Hosting Process

Here is an overview of the steps you'll need to take to host your domain up and running on the metaverse:

  1. Choose your hosting platform (local server, remote server, or cloud services)

  2. Set up your server and create your domain

  3. Add content to your domain

  4. Set up user permissions

  5. Invite users to your domain

Once your domain is running, we'll cover how to configure your domain settings, from the most basic to the more advanced, and how to maintain your domain.