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Release Notes

Version 2.4.10

  • view • Update
  • view • Allow the domain owner and managers to edit a place name. Closes #103
  • view • Limit to alphanumeric and hyphen. Closes #104. Add Place.displayName Update documentation.
  • view • Bump version to 2.4.10

Version 2.4.9

  • view • Update
  • view • Allow setting of Place 'address' field with full path address.
  • view • Bump version to 2.4.9

Version 2.4.8

  • view • Update
  • view • Bump color-string from 1.5.4 to 1.6.0 (#96)
  • view • Fix bug of not allowing URLs for base configuration file.
  • view • Update build_scripts/cleanDist.js to remove deprecated warnings.
  • view • Bump version to 2.4.8

Version 2.4.7

  • view • Update
  • view • Bump path-parse from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7 (#97)
  • view • Fixes problem of anon users being counted twice. Problem was that Iamus interpreted the domain-server "num_users" and "anon_users" as two separate sets when, actually, the domain-server heartbeats "num_users" as the total number of users and "anon_users" is the number, of that total, that are anonymous. Fixes #98
  • view • Bump version to 2.4.7

Version 2.4.6

  • view • update for 2.4.5
  • view • Places: fix 'path' so it just returns the domain local address while 'address' returns the join of the domain's network address and the 'path'. Disables setting PlaceEntity.address.
  • view • Add checks to make sure Place, Domain, and User names are not set to zero length strings.
  • view • Places: minor tweeking to how last activity time is computed for a Place Now only updated by periodic Place activity check process.
  • view • Add comments about changing usernames and what must be done in all the name lists.
  • view • Repair setting of domain to active=false when domain stops heartbeating. Closes #95 Add config parameter 'domain-seconds-check-if-online' for domain active polling interval. Add some descriptive comments to some configuration parameters.
  • view • Add alternate date format fields for all returned JSON status. Adds "_s" version of string date formats with time represented as a UNIX epoch time integer. Fixes #93
  • view • Bump version to 2.4.6

Version 2.4.5

  • view • Update
  • view • Return "no account" error for /api/maint/places requests if account is not specified.
  • view • Non-functional fix of indention in Util.ts (2 to 4)
  • view • Add list of managers to Places and enable manager list and permissions: Add Permission.MANAGER Add PlaceEntity.managers Update Place field definitions so allow setting by managers Validate manager name settings
  • view • Places: fix logic for computing PlaceEntity.lastActivity that wasn't computing correctly if the host domain didn't have an heartbeats.
  • view • Places: add configuration for interval for checking Place lastActivity timeout Tune times for inactivity and current info update activity.
  • view • Bump verion to 2.4.5

Version 2.4.4

  • view • Update
  • view • Add limit to number of characters in names for Domains, Users, and Places. Add config parameter metaverse-server.max-name-lenght defaulted to 32. Closes #91
  • view • Non-functional tweek to make an error message more informative
  • view • Non-functional fixing of source indentation in route-tools/Permissions.ts.
  • view • Rework Places request data setup and permissions Don't lookup Place's domain when doing initial request parameter setup Fix permission lookup to use DOMAINACCESS Closes #92
  • view • Bump version to 2.4.4

Version 2.4.3

  • view • Update
  • view • Places: add initPlaces() Add periodic computation of Place attendance and activity and add these to fields on Places for easy computation of attendance and staleness. This adds a once a minute scan of places to check activity.
  • view • Centralize date when places are not active in Places.dateWhenNotActive()
  • view • Places: make functional queries for places: status=online,active
  • view • Add admin maint functions /api/maint/places/inactive and /api/maint/places/unhooked with both GET and DELETE functions.
  • view • Bump version to 2.4.3

Version 2.4.2

  • view • Update
  • view • Update NPM package versions. Gets rid of a possible security problem in one of the libraries.
  • view • Fix access permission bug where request would not complete if the a non-logged in user checked ADMIN access to an entity.
  • view • In returned Places info, return the domain's last heartbeat time for current_last_update_time if there was not a current time set.
  • view • Add comments in api/v1/places about not needing to be logged in to fetch place info
  • view • Fix DELETE of places when using "DELETE /api/v1/user/places/:placeId". Also fix fetching info of single place using "GET /api/v1/user/places/:placeId". Closes issue #88
  • view • Bump version to 2.4.2