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Release Notes

v2022.1.0 (3/12/2021)


  • Add initial audio mixer API functionality. by @ctrlaltdavid in #28
  • Add .grenrc.js configuration file for changelog generation. by @digisomni in #29
  • Provide connection state types and Signal class in the API by @ctrlaltdavid in #40
  • Changes to package.json enabling "npm pack" to create npm installable package. by @Misterblue in #41
  • Message mixer functionality by @ctrlaltdavid in #42
  • Add initial avatar mixer functionality. by @ctrlaltdavid in #55
  • Add build versioning to SDK. by @Misterblue in #60
  • Handle (but ignore content of) BulkAvatarTraits packets. by @ctrlaltdavid in #64
  • Implement packet (un)obfuscation support. by @ctrlaltdavid in #65
  • Log certain warnings only once. by @ctrlaltdavid in #68
  • Override properties of test.config.json with environment variables. by @namark in #70
  • Update version number to 2022.1.0. by @ctrlaltdavid in #72

Bug Fixes

  • Fix typos and update .grenrc.js. by @digisomni in #34
  • Update audio input resampling code; improves Firefox support. by @namark in #43
  • Fix no audio playback if the mic is muted at start-up. by @ctrlaltdavid in #44
  • WebRTC revisions. by @ctrlaltdavid in #50
    • Fix STUN servers used by WebRTC.
    • Fix connecting to public (non-local) domain servers.
  • Fix flood of console messages when other user leaves the domain. by @ctrlaltdavid in #52
  • Fix reading of BulkAvatarData packets. by @ctrlaltdavid in #63
  • Fix build error. by @ctrlaltdavid in #67
  • Remove unused code in Audio worklets. by @ctrlaltdavid in #69
  • Fix lint error. by @ctrlaltdavid in #71

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